“To contribute to society by supplying high-quality energy as a member of JERA”


To conduct integrated energy-related business, we work together as one team to provide a wide range of services based on the three following aspects:

  • To customers -- we will continuously ensure our customers' satisfaction by delivering high-quality services and keep improving the levels of service quality
  • To society -- we will maintain a good relationship with communities and society by suppling high-quality energy with environmental consideration
  • To business partners -- we will encourage fair competition among businesses and conduct a fair business practice with all partners to expand business capability and build long-term business partner relationship.

Corporate Ethics Policy:

  1. Comply With the Law Based on a Heightened Sense of Ethics - Conscious of our obligations as a member of the global business community, we will comply fully with the law of Thailand and act with integrity based on a heightened sense of ethics befitting a global corporation.
  2. Protect and Respect Human Rights and Diversity - As an upstanding member of the global community, we will support the protection of human rights as described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and respect the diverse cultures and customs of each country and region.
  3. Pursue Fair and Just Business Activities - Both domestically and abroad, we will go beyond merely complying with the law, acting to ensure fairness and justice in the pursuit ofour trading and business activities.
  4. Sincere Efforts toTake the Environment into Account - In our global business activities, we will comply with the environmental conservation laws of each country and region and take initiatives to reduce the burden on the environment.
  5. Maintain Appropriate Relationships with Politics and Government - We will engage in proper business activities, building and maintaining fair and open relationships with political and governmental counterparts in each country and region.
  6. Reasonable and Reliable Management and Utilization of Information and Assets - We will manage the confidential information, personal information, and assets that we handle in the course of our business activities appropriately, observing related lawsand internal regulations and utilizing them only for our business objectives.
  7. Build a Safe and Positive Workplace Environment and a Healthy Corporate Culture - In addition to working to ensure the health and safety of our employees and building a pleasant, positive workplace environment, we will establish a healthy corporate culture that does not tolerate dishonest behavior.
  8. Directors and Management Lead by Example - Directors and management will not only serve as role models for employees by observing the JERA Group Corporate Ethics Policy themselves, but will also work to promote it internally to ensure that all employees act in accordance with its provisions.