JERA Power (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (JERA-PT, former name: Chubu Electric Power (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or CEPT) is 100% owned by a large Japanese energy-related enterprise, JERA. As a Thailand Board of Investment (BOI)-promoted company, we are being fully supported technology transfer by JERA. Currently, we are leveraging our technologies and know-how to provide the effective Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services for IPP/SPP and Owner's Engineer (OE) services for many new SPP projects in Thailand.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary and representative of JERA, we, JERA-PT, set two main business purposes as indicated below:

  • To provide technical consulting, engineering & construction management and operation & maintenace services within the areas of thermal and renewable power generation
  • To contribute an expansion of investment opportunities in power projects in Thailand and South East Asia and support asset management to JERA.

The Main Background Events:

To expand the business activities more aggressively and to sustain company's business growth inThailand and the surrounding countries, in 2012, CEPCO decided to integrate its fully owned subsidiary CEPT and CEPCO's Bangkok Office. CEPT was established in March 2003 to conduct O&M works for the power businesses CEPCO is engaged in. On the other hand, the Bangkok Office was set up in February 2006 to served as a base for overseas business activities inThailand and other countries in the Southeast Asian region. In this capacity, it collected information relating to the energy business and conducted research and market studies on new business opportunities. In December 2012, the Bangkok Office was closed and CEPT was the surviving entity.

In December 2014, JERA-PT joinly established a new subsidiary, JERA Power Engineering(Thailand) Co., Ltd. (JERA-PET, former name: CEPT Engineering Co., Ltd.), with notable Thai partners. JERA-PET serves to strengthen the JERA-PT's operating activities.

Location :

33/4 The 9th Towers Grand Rama 9, Tower B 16 Floor, Rama 9 Road, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310

Milestone :

  • March 2003: Establishment of Chubu Electric Power (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (CEPT, Former Name)
  • January 2013: Integration of Chubu Electric Power (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (CEPT) and Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (CEPCO, Bangkok Office)
  • December 2014: Establishment of a subsidiary, Chubu Electric Power (Thailand) Engineering Co., Ltd. (CEPTE, Former Name)
  • July 2016: Changing name from Chubu Electric Power (Thailand) Co.,Ltd (CEPT) to JERA Power (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (JERA-PT)
    and Chubu Electric Power (Thailand) Engineering Co., Ltd. (CEPTE) to JERA Power Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (JERA-PET)

Scopes of business :

  • To provide a wide range of services covering supervision, engineering and technical advisory for the energy business
  • To search for new potential energy-related projects for investment on behalf of JERA

Number of employees :

36 (as of January 2023)

Subsidiaries :

  • Chubu Ratchaburi Electric Services Co., Ltd. (CRESCO)
  • JERA Power Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (JERA-PET)

Current activities :

  • Providing O&M services for 1400MW CCGT Ratchaburi power plant and 20MW AT Biopower rice husk-fired power plant
  • Providing OE services for cogeneration power projects (e.g. EGCO's SPP projects, Biomass VSPP projects)

Download Company Brochure :  JERA-PT_Brochure2019.pdf