JERA-PT provides engineering services and technical assistance for Operation and Maintenance (O&M) on overall thermal power station facilities including cogeneration until advanced combined cycle plants. We work for our clients as an operator of the facilities with a long history of remarkable achievements in energy saving and experiences of procurement fromvarious manufacturers.

Our Services Provided Include:

A. Mobilization Period

O&M Management Preparation & Review;
  • Operation setup such as routine check list and start-up check list
  • Maintenance setup such as MIS for spare part stocks and planned maintenance schedule
  • Quality control procedure
  • Security and safety
  • Environment regulation and control
  • Participate with commissioning team
  • Support LTSA contractor selection process

B. Operational Period

1. Plant Operation Management;
  • Operation and performance management
  • Operation record management
  • Operation, security, safety and environment plan
  • Operation staff training
  • Budget management and maintenance management
2. Maintenance Management;
  • Maintenance procedure
  • Consumables and spare parts control
  • Maintenance record management
  • Short term / long term maintenance plan
  • Maintenance staff training
  • Diagnostic analysis
  • Budget management
3. Measures for Plant Abnormality;
  • Verification and advice
  • Plant abnormality report
  • Schedule management for inspection and repair work
  • Root cause analysis and measures
4. Monitoring and Control Plant Performance Index;
  • Improve overall plant efficiency
  • Provide advice for plant operation for best efficiency
  • Improve individual equipment performance